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Saves up to 35%

on your energy costs!

SunlightSeal, the energy saving glass coating!

With growing awareness of energy conservation, more and more people are turning to eco-friendly technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. Durable, thermal glass insulation from SunlightSeal is one such area.

Regular glass does not significantly reduce solar thermal radiation. When your windows are coated on the inside with SunlightSeal, sunlight is allowed through,
but infrared
radiation is reduced by 95% and UV radiation by as much as 99%!


The result is a cooler living and working environment in the summer and in the winter a comfortable room temperature is maintained that last longer.

At the same time, you enjoy significant savings on your annual energy costs!



An environmentally friendly nano coating

SunlightSeal glass coating is a smart and environmentally friendly coating that uses advanced nanotechnology.


SunlightSeal transforms every window into an invisible thermal insulation barrier and offers many advantages that double glazing or window film cannot offer you.


SunlightSeal also provides annual savings of up to 35% on your energy costs!

SunlightSeal keeps the

heat outside during summer

The durable SunlightSeal coating blocks 95% infrared radiation and no less than 99% UV radiation. This keeps the heat from the sun out, but maintains the natural light coming from outside .


Enjoy a cooler living or working environment in the summer and save up to 35% on your energy costs!

SunlightSeal keeps heat

inside during winter

Windows coated with SunlightSeal block

the radiant heat that is generated by a heater or a central heating system during the winter. This way, a comfortable temperature in the room is maintained, regardless of the climate or season!


Enjoy a comfortable living and working environment during wintertime and
up to 35% on your energy costs!

The advantages of SunlightSeal

  • Blocks 99% UV radiation

  • Cost effective and energy saving

  • High temperature resistance

  • Forms a thermal barrier

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Wear-resistant

  • Anti-graffiti

  • Easy to clean

  • Very high hardness

  • Blocks 95% infrared radiation

  • Ultra thin and transparent

  • Medium and high cross linking

  • Protective properties

  • Efficient in thin film application

  • Easy to apply

  • High visual light transmission

  • Low viscosity

  • 10 year guarantee

  • Prevents discoloration

  • Wear resistant and scratch resistant

  • Safe & environmentally friendly

  • Advanced nanotechnology

  • Anti-fouling

  • Water resistant

  • Anti-bacterial properties

  • Extremely durable

  • Corrosion and fire resistant


SunlightSeal, the energy-saving glass coating!

SunlightSeal is an advanced liquid coating developed in the Netherlands.

The coating protects and insulates your windows using nanotechnology.

SunlightSeal keeps the heat inside during wintertime and cools the room

in the summer, with a temperature difference of 5 to 15 ℃.

This reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning or heating
by 30%
to 35%. SunlightSeal is a cost effective alternative

for retro-fit double glazing or window film.

SunlightSeal is ISO 9001 GB / T and VCA ** certified.


SunlightSeal is recommended for office buildings, shops, houses, schools,

Greenhouses, and even for cars and public transport. SunlightSeal is extremely suitable

for large areas such as greenhouses and apartment complexes.


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