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SunlightSeal for horticulture

The ideal greenhouse climate with SunlightSeal glass coating

Greenhouses provide protection against the elements, but the climate must be just right for different types of plants to grow all year round in the best possible conditions.

Ideal temperatures and the right amount of natural growing light are important competitive factors for horticultural companies.


SunlightSeal keeps heat out and lets visible light in
The heat reflective coating of SunlightSeal meets exactly these requirements. SunlightSeal is a colorless shade for glazing that allows the right amount of natural growing light to pass through. Natural light is essential for the photosynthesis and growth of the plant. The result is cooler greenhouses and abundant photoactive solar radiation. Conventional, non-pigmented glazing systems reduce transparency and
this is always to the detriment of the growth of the plants.


SunlightSeal blocks UV and infrared radiation

The pigments in the coating show their greatest benefits in the summer, when heat usually accumulates in the greenhouse. The invisible UV light is blocked for 99% and the infrared part of the sunlight (and thus the heat radiation) is reduced by up to 75%!

Transmission, absorption and reflection

Sunlightseal's heat-reflective coating uses advanced nanotechnology.

It forms a very thin layer of seven microns and has unique properties in transmission,

absorb and reflect sunlight for an optimal climate in the greenhouse.


Invisible solar heat radiation is thus kept out and most of it

visible light, essential for growth and photosynthesis, passes through the glass.


Enjoy substantial savings on your annual energy costs with SunlightSeal!


Sunlight divided into three spectra:

UV radiation

UV radiation is sunlight with the shortest wavelength - up to 380 nm. Due to absorption from the atmosphere, only the parts above 300 nm reach us. (UVB and UVA bands) UV light is invisible to the human eye.

Visible light

The visible part of sunlight has wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm. The rainbow spectrum shows the details of the sunlight that is "white" to us.


Infrared radiation

This is the invisible part of sunlight with wavelengths from 780 nm to 2500 nm. Infrared light represents the heating part of the sunlight.


SunlightSeal allows visible light to pass through

Visible light is most important for plant growth. In particular the range between 400 nm and 700 nm,

also called photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). The photosynthetic most achieved

efficient parts of the visible light are the red and blue parts.


Too much UV radiation is cytopathic to almost all living organisms - both plants and humans.

Important genetic information in the nucleus can be destroyed by short wave light.

The organism degenerates or dies.


Too much infrared light causes the temperature to rise. Periods of extreme heat above
can permanently damage plants.

Important growth factors

  • Not too much UV radiation

  • As much visible light as possible

  • An optimal ambient temperature

SunlightSeal creates ideal conditions

  • Colors rooms colorlessly

  • Absorbs UV radiation

  • Reflects IR radiation

  • Allow much of the visible light to pass through

  • Ideal for growth and photosynthesis

  • Ensures an optimal ambient temperature

  • Anti-fouling and antibacterial

  • Significant savings on the annual energy bill

Regular glass without a SunlightSeal coating hardly reduces the solar heat radiation.

Nano coating from SunLightSeal applied to regular glass panes reduces infrared radiation

with 95% and UV solar radiation with no less than 99%.

SunlightSeal allows a large part of the naturally growing light to pass through,

which is essential for photosynthesis!


SunlightSeal, the energy-saving glass coating!

Applying the coating

SunlightSeal glass coating is applied to the glass by our team of experienced professionals.

Your windows will be thoroughly cleaned, after which we apply the coating.


After applying the SunlightSeal coating, it dries within 2 hours.

After 7 hours, the nano coating will be completely cured and will become one with the glass.


SunLightSeal can be applied on almost all glass surfaces, including double glazing,

thermal glass and Low-E Glass.



SunlightSeal is recommended for office buildings, shops, houses, schools,

Greenhouses, and even for cars and public transport.
SunlightSeal is ideal for
large areas such as greenhouses and apartment complexes.

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